More about Hub operations and roles

Are you interested in more details about how a hub functions? Or would you like to volunteer at a hub?  If so, below is a flowchart that shows the various roles and the information flow that each Hub will need in order to function effectively. As well, here are some training videos for each major hub role. These videos were recorded and produced in February 2012 by Wallingford’s Hub Coordinator, Mary Heim, from Cimira Studios. The presenters are from our group, West Seattle Be Prepared, and from Broadview Prepares.

Hub Manager, 20 minutes, Dave Brown (West Seattle Be Prepared)
Hub Greeter, 30 minutes, Karen Berge (West Seattle Be Prepared)
Message Intake, 20 minutes, Deborah Greer (West Seattle Be Prepared)
Message Manager, 20 minutes, Ron Zuber (West Seattle Be Prepared)
Radio Operator, 25 minutes, Carl Leon (Broadview Prepares)

Hub site organization and information flow

Hub site organization and information flow


Please get in touch with us if you are interested in volunteering at a hub or would like to be notified about future training events or presentations. Note that we continue to refine our procedures, so this flow chart and some of the processes and details noted in the video presentations may change in the future.

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