Seattle Community Hubs (citywide)

The West Seattle emergency communication hubs (shown on our  West Seattle interactive online Google map) are part of a citywide network of community hubs. Many other Seattle area communities have established, or are in the process of establishing, emergency neighborhood gathering places.

The Seattle emergency hubs website includes a NeighborLink Map. That map includes SNAP groups, CERT teams, and Block Watch groups in addition to hub locations — including those here in West Seattle. If you want to see only hubs, you can un-check these other items; to do so, use the small white/gray box in the upper left corner which shows the different map layers.

As with other Google maps, you can use the +/- buttons to zoom in or out on the map, and you can use your pointing device to move the map around to focus on different areas.

NOTE:  Most (but not all) of these other neighborhoods follow the same model as ours, using radios to communicate with each other and to the Office of Emergency Management if/when traditional means of communications are down. We test this citywide hub radio network each Monday evening. You are welcome to listen in or participate if you have a radio! 

Some of the hubs outside of West Seattle do not currently have/use radios. They do serve as emergency gathering places for the community (“community hubs”), but will not necessarily function in the same way as the “emergency communication hubs” which we have described throughout the other pages in the About the Hubs section of our website.  This CityStream episode on Seattle Emergency Preparedness (dated 1/30/14, approx. 25 minutes) showcases some of these newer emergency community (not necessarily communication) hubs.

Be sure to check our event calendar and visit our blog for ongoing updates about local and citywide communication drills, summits and other hub-related activities! 

Visit the Other Communities page in our Resources section for information about hubs and preparedness groups in other areas.


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