Join West Seattle Be Prepared on Facebook!

Our group on Facebook — established in February 2010 — has been set up to provide a discussion forum, a place to ask questions about emergency preparedness, and as a venue to post announcements and events relating to planning and preparedness.

Getting Started

If you aren’t yet familiar or comfortable using Facebook, here are some basics. You’ll need an email account in order to sign up for a free Facebook account; then, go to

Once you have a Facebook account, just find our group, West Seattle Be Prepared, at

Privacy and Security Settings

You can customize their privacy settings as you wish; we recommend choosing the “Only Friends” option for each item (photos, videos, etc.) if you want the most security and privacy. Facebook’s explanation of their privacy options is at

We hope you’ll join us there, as well as here on our website! We have over 800 members (as of April 2015).

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