Hubs Project Background

Groundwork for establishing the West Seattle Emergency Communication Hubs began several years ago as a truly grassroots effort. The first major milestone was an event held in mid-2007, the West Seattle Emergency Preparedness Seminar.

Momentum from that event led to the creation of the first eight hubs, and an outreach effort to let people know about them which kicked off in the spring of 2008. You may remember the rollout of the “Be a Master of Disaster” plans in the West Seattle media. Informational tables were set up at each of the (then) 8 hub locations, in conjunction with announcements on the West Seattle Blog.

The key focus of the 2008 effort was for each community to decide if they could help in an emergency by establishing a central area for neighbors to get information. That central area also serves as the place that emergency responders know they can go to if they need to get the word out about something (assuming communication systems are down).

Kickoff article on the West Seattle Blog

The rest is history…and, it’s documented in our group’s activity reports for 2008, 2009 and beyond!

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