Other Emergency Medical Resources

Relief Organizations: Non-profit relief organizations, such as the Red Cross, are also expected to help following a major disaster.

Emergency Radio Broadcasts will be activated during an actual emergency. Local radio station KIRO (710 AM) is our designated emergency channel, and plans to broadcast emergency information about medical resources. Other area stations may do so as well.

The King County Heath Care Coalition website has some additional helpful health-related information regarding emergency situations: http://www.kingcounty.gov/healthservices/health/preparedness.aspx.

The Public Health Reserve Corps program provides medical and non-medical volunteers to help communities during disasters. For more information or to volunteer, visit: http://www.kingcounty.gov/healthservices/health/preparedness/phreservecorps.aspx.

Public Health Emergency also has a registry of emergency relief workers that can assist communities in times of crisis: http://www.phe.gov/.

Pandemic flu/swine flu information: Visit the King County Health website for comprehensive local information. As well, you’ll find good nationwide resources at the PandemicFlu.gov and the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention websites.

Additional emergency information: Don’t miss our Resources section which links to all the official emergency information sources (city, county, regional and national), and to West Seattle media and resources. Our Training & Education page includes information about CERT program training and Psychological First Aid resources. Lastly, watch our blog for ongoing announcements, presentations, and events related to medical resources.

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