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Let’s learn and leverage across neighborhoods and communities!

Seattle Area cross-neighborhood efforts: The West Seattle emergency communication hubs are part of a citywide emergency hub network. West Seattle Be Prepared group leaders meet monthly with the Seattle Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and representatives from other neighborhoods; we work together on training and other preparedness matters. You can visit this committee’s new (as of spring 2015) still-in-progress emergency community hub website, seattleemergencyhubs.org (previous site was seattlehubs.org). You can also visit the OEM’s Neighborhood Preparedness page for an overview of this community planning project. West Seattle is one of three districts (MIQA and Wallingford are the other two) that piloted the development of emergency communication hubs; you’ll find details about these early efforts in the Learn More section of our website and you can visit our blog to find out about our past and future summits, drills and other activities.

Magnolia, Queen Anne & Interbay (MIQA): As noted above, these neighborhoods were among the first to establish emergency communication hubs. They are in the process of rebuilding their website and changing the name of their organization; visit their new site MIQA Be Prepared. You can also contact them via email at BePreparedMIQA@gmail.com.

Wallingford: Wallingford was also among the first Seattle neighborhoods to establish emergency communication hubs. You can find their earlier group info here, and watch for new information about their activities to be posted here.

Capitol Hill: Capitol Hill Prepares (CHiP), launched in January 2010; but made the decision to discontinue their emergency communication hub group in June 2015. Several of the group members are still involved in emergency preparedness work with Seattle ACS (Auxiliary Communication Services); you can find more about ACS on our Other Communication Sources page.

Broadview: This community has a very active group. Visit Broadview Prepares for more about their preparedness-related activities.

Fremont: Find out more about their “FrEmergency Preparedness” efforts.

Other Seattle NeighborhoodsBallardGreenwoodNE SeattlePhinneyRainier BeachShilshole, and many other neighborhoods are now establishing emergency communication hubs. We’ll add links to their websites as they come online. Meanwhile, you’ll find a map of all the Seattle communication hubs here in the About the Hubs section of our website.

Vashon Island: Vashon Be Prepared! http://www.vashonbeprepared.org/
Of special note on the “Vashon Be Prepared!” site are these excellent checklists:
See video from this group from the West Seattle Emergency Preparedness Seminar.

Sammamish:  Sammamish Citizen Corps, http://sammamishcitizencorps.com/
This community has an active CERT program and has also established Emergency Communication Hubs!

CARD: Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disaster (California-based): We found awesome information from this organization, which focused on providing resources for those with special needs! Unfortunately, we discovered in early 2017 that their organization and website are no longer active. Here is an interview about their great work. We’ve located some replacement URLs, as well as uploaded copies of some that we had stored:

NOTE: Many of the resources above are in Adobe .pdf format. Click here to get a free .pdf reader.

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