Safety Tips for Emergencies

Tips from the City of Seattle ( website

Tips for power outages from Seattle City Light

  • Do not get near any downed wire; you should always assume a downed wire is “live” and dangerous. Please report downed wires at (206) 706-0051.
  • Do not use a barbecue grill or generator inside the house or in a garage that is attached to the house. Do not use a grill or generator near a home air intake vent or near windows.
  • Do not use fossil fuel burning auxiliary heating sources. Close doors, windows, curtains, and unused fireplace dampers to retain heat if there is an outage.
  • Know how to manually override electric garage doors, security doors and gates.
  • Have a landline phone or fully-charged cell phone; cordless phones won’t work when power is out.
  • Unplug electrical appliances if the power goes out so that when the power comes back on, there won’t be a surge that could damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Use battery-powered flashlights, not candles or oil lamps; also have a battery-powered radio or small TV. Make sure all batteries are fresh. To find out what else to put into a kit, go to

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