West Seattle Media (News Sources)

West Seattle Blog

http://westseattleblog.com/ has continuously updated West Seattle news, 24/7/365, plus real-time comments from the community. Items on their site that are useful in an emergency situation include their West Seattle schools page, their Traffic page with webcam views, and their linked list of West Seattle Community Groups (located in the right sidebar of their home page). During the 2008-2009 snow storms, they published color-coded maps showing local road conditions.

West Seattle Herald

http://westseattleherald.com/ online version of the weekly (Wednesday) print newspaper, updated as needed; the online version now also includes comments from the community.

List of Seattle-area & regional media

http://www.seattle.gov/html/citizen/media.htm includes a great list of regional media and community publications that focus on a variety of topics. There are numerous other West Seattle blogs… to find some, you might start with the Blogs page on the West Seattle Blog site.

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