What are the Hubs?

The Emergency Communication Hubs are locations around West Seattle which have been designated by neighborhood leaders and volunteers as community gathering sites if a major disaster makes it impossible to get information and help in the usual ways. These are locations that are easy to find and familiar to most people in each of these neighborhoods.

We’ve chosen outdoor locations because many buildings may be unsafe following an earthquake or similar type of disaster. After buildings have been checked for damage and deemed safe/usable, they will very likely be used as shelters. The Emergency Communication Hubs will be the initial gathering locations, since they can be predetermined for each neighborhood.

The role of the Emergency Communication Hubs is primarily focused on communication and information sharing, between neighborhoods and agencies/officials. Remember that individuals and households should have (or create) Personal Go Kits with a 3-day (or greater) supply of provisions; see our Resources section if you need help with that. The Emergency Communication Hubs will NOT have supplies or provisions immediately following an earthquake or similar disaster.

Several other Seattle area communities have also established, or are in the process of establishing, neighborhood gathering places. You’ll find a map and links to their information here.

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